Sweet Sign Language Illustrations By Alex Solis

Alex Solis is an illustrator and website design company from Chicago who’s created this unique number of illustrations to show united states sign language with lovely characters.

Each hand indication is associated with an animal whose name’s preliminary corresponds aided by the page represented.

more details: lalimonadacreativa.blogspot

A for Apple

B for Bear

C for Cats

D for Dog

E for Elephant and Eagle

F for Fox and Fish

G for Gorilla

H for Hippo

we for Iguana

J for Jaguar

K for Koala

L for Lion

M for Monkeys

N for Narwhal

O for Octopus

P for Penguin and Pig

Q for Quail

roentgen for Rabbit

S for Skunk

T for Turtle and Toucan

U for Unicorn

V for Vampire

W for Walrus

X for X-rays

Y for Yak and Yarn

Z for Zebra and El Zorro